Information about International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) is a worldwide inter-governmental organization, regrouping 155 member states, which assists states in managing migration and offers services to persons who require international migration assistance. IOM’s programmes span over a number of areas such as labour migration, migrant integration, migration and development, migration health, counter-trafficking, humanitarian emergencies and migration and climate change.

IOM Mauritius is currently managing circular migration programmes for overseas employment namely with Canada and Italy. Under these programme, IOM provides a series of international migration services to support and facilitate labour migration to these countries in a more effective and structured way. IOM's initiatives involve the selection, preparation, and mobilization of Mauritian migrant workers. IOM assists in their recruitment, visa processing, training, orientation, travel, and initial arrangements for their settlement on arrival in the destination countries.

The setting up of the web-based platform which is accessible on will facilitate the interaction with Mauritian nationals from anywhere in Mauritius and abroad who are seeking employment both in Mauritius and abroad. The website will be managed jointly by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training and by IOM.

For more information on IOM, please visit the IOM Website.