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Date Published : 18-12-2015



Vacancies for the post of Tradesman’s Assistant (Mason)

Municipal City  Council of Port Louis


(Details of this advertisement are also available at


            Applications are invited from qualified persons residing within the boundaries of the Municipal City Council of Port Louis who wish to be considered for appointment as Tradesman’s Assistant (Mason)  in that  Municipal City Council.


The permanent and pensionable post carries salary in the scale of Rs 9675 x 250 – 13675 x 300 – 15475 x 350 – 16525 a month plus salary compensation at approved rates. 


Appointment to the grade in a temporary capacity carries salary at the flat rate of                    Rs 9675 a month plus salary compensation at approved rates.



II.        AGE LIMIT:


Candidates should have reached their 18th birthday and unless already in the Local Government Service/Public Service/Approved Service, should not have reached their 48th birthday by the closing date for the submission of applications.


III.      Qualifications:


By selection from among candidates residing within the boundaries of the Municipal City Council of Port Louis who possess:


(a)     the Certificate of Primary Education; and


(b)  the National Trade Certificate (Level 3) awarded by the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (formerly Institute of Vocational Training Board) in Masonry or an equivalent qualification from a recognised institution acceptable to the Local Government Service Commission.


Note 1:  The onus for the submission of equivalence of qualifications (if applicable) from the relevant authorities rests on the candidates.


Note 2:   Candidates should enclose photocopies of their National Identity Card and academic/technical qualifications and where applicable, documentary evidence of experience claimed.


  1.       Duties:



To work under the supervision of the Tradesman and assist him in the performance of his duties.



To be familiar with the tools of the trade and to use them to perform operations as appropriate, under the guidance of the Tradesman, so as to develop gradually the skills necessary for the trade.



To ensure, under the Tradesman’s guidance that all tools, equipment and accessories used in the trade are kept in good working order.



To carry out simple repair works and other operations as may be directed by the Tradesman.



To be able to read and work from dimensional plans, drawings and sketches.




To perform such other duties directly related to the main duties listed above or related to the delivery of output and results expected from incumbents in the roles ascribed to them according to their posting.



  1.         Mode of Application:



Qualified candidates should submit their applications :


(a)       either


on LGSC Form 7 which may be obtained eitherfrom the office of the Local Government Service Commission, Louis Pasteur Street, Forest Side or  from any Local Authority.


(b)       or


online through the website of the LGSC at or  through the Government Citizen Portal at


Note 1:

Details of this advertisement as well as the application form               (LGSC Form 7) are also available on the website of the LGSC at the abovementioned .

Note 2:

Prospective candidates willing to submit their applications online may also call on weekdays either at the seat of the Local Government Service Commission from 13 00 to 15 00 hours or at any Local Authority during the prescribed hours where such facilities are offered free of charge.





Candidates are encouraged to submit their applications online.


Candidates already in the Local Government Service should submit their applications in duplicate, the original should be sent directly to the Secretary of the Local Government Service Commission and the duplicate one to their Responsible Officer, who will forward it to the Commission within a week after the closing date.



Candidates are advised to read carefully the “NOTES AND INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES” before filling in the application form.



The envelope should be clearly marked on the top left-hand corner :-


                  “Post of Tradesman’s Assistant (Mason) –

 Municipal City Council of Port Louis”


  1.       Closing Date


Application should reach the Secretary, Local Government Service Commission, Louis Pasteur Street, Forest Side not later than 15 00 hours on Monday 04 January 2016.





(i)                 Applicants should state their personal residential address on their applications forms.  Applications bearing the postal address of another person will neither be acknowledged nor taken into consideration.


(ii)               Qualifications/ equivalence of qualifications obtained after the closing date will not be accepted.  Only qualified persons should apply.


(iii)             Incomplete, inadequate or inaccurate filling of the application form may cause the elimination of candidates from the competition.


(iv)                          Applications not made on the prescribed form will not be considered.


(v)               Applications received after the closing date and time will not be accepted.  The onus for the prompt submission of applications so that they reach the Secretary of the Commission in time lies solely on applicants.



(vi)       The Commission reserves the right not to make any appointment  following this advertisement.



                                                                       Local Government Service Commission

                                                                       Louis Pasteur Street

                                                                       FOREST SIDE


Date: 21 December 2015