Study Tour at Reunion Island

Date Published : 05-02-2016


Study Tour of a Mauritian Delegation at Pole Emploi Reunion


A Mauritian delegation comprising the following officers undertook a study tour at Pole Emploi Reunion:


Mrs Bibi Fatwma Abdool Raman Ahmed

Mr Ishwarlal Nagaisar

Mr Sattianand Ramsawock

Mr Surujdev Mohun Surat

Mrs Nira Aumeer


The objective of the study tour was to take stock of the operations of Pole Emploi on site at Reunion Island. The delegates took cognizance of all the procedures required for registration, counseling, follow-up and placement of jobseekers. The best practices will be implemented in the Mauritian context.


The objectives of the project are to:

a)   upgrade the present infrastructure (including technological tools) of the EICs with a view to providing better services to jobseekers and employers;

b)   develop targeted services to help jobseekers enhance their competencies;

c)   adopt appropriate policies to promote employability of jobseekers through training & development;


d)   build up  the proper network and seek the collaboration and cooperation of the relevant Institutions for the smooth implementation of the project;and


e)   ensure that the Employment Service is professionally managed, facilitate the  increasing interaction and effective communication between employers and jobseekers, offer  better and appropriate counselling services to jobseekers and the proper follow up for the jobseekers as well.


The five day study tour has proved to be fruitful and a success. The delegates were well received and were provided with all required information