List of vacancies 28 and 29 March 2016

Date Published : 30-03-2016



List of Vacancies recorded in LMIS  Recorded date from : '28-MAR-2016' to : '29-MAR-2016' 
Employer Name Employer Address Contact Phone No Occupation Qualification Experience No Required  Expiry Date
Sector: Textile              
ADRIEN MARIE JEANNE LUD MILLA MOSQUE ROAD SOUILLAC  5739003 Machine Operator, Sewing   1 yr exp 5 31-Mar-2016
DOOBAH FASHION LTD ROYAL ROAD CAMP DE MASQUE PAVÉ  7528825 Machine Operator, Sewing   1 yr exp 10 30-Apr-2016
GANGS DESIGN CO LTD DOZEKEE BUILDING ROYAL ROAD LALLMATIE 4181673 Machine Operator, Sewing   1 yr exp 10 30-Apr-2016
TROPIC KNITS-REUNION EX REUNION S.E VACOAS  6021000 Lorry Attendant CPE   3 28-Apr-2016
Sector: Other Manufacturing            
AKRITI JEWEL CRAFTZ (MITIUS) PVT LTD FREEPORT ZONE 5, MER ROUGE PORT LOUIS  2062370 Stone Cutter and Finisher   3 yrs 10 15-Apr-2016
Sector: Government            
BANK OF MAURITIUS CORNER ROYAL ROAD AND BOURBON STREETS, PORT LOUIS  2023876    Assistant Director in the supervision Department     1 04-Apr-2016
Sector: Trade              
CAUNHYE PLAZA & CO LTD VACOAS RD LA LOUISE QUATRE BORNES 4274274/75 Accounts Clerk     1 15-Apr-2016
    apply on: Helper     1 15-Apr-2016 Salesperson, Retail Trade     1 15-Apr-2016
      Storekeeper     1 15-Apr-2016
ECOAGE 4 JOSEPH ST CASSIS   2125887 Helper CPE   3 30-Apr-2016
      Salesperson, Retail Trade SC   2 30-Apr-2016
MEDACTIV 15, RESERVES STREET, PORT LOUIS    Pharmacist/Manager Registered with the Pharmacy Board, MOH, degree in marketing 5 yrs 1 31-Mar-2016
WINNERS (COROMANDEL) ROYAL ROAD ,COROMANDEL   2010700 Shelves Worker Form III   6 30-May-2016
Sector: Security              
ELEPHANT SECURITY LTD SOLFERINO NO5 VACOAS  4263553 Marketing Manager Degree in Sales & Marketing   1 28-Apr-2016
Sector: Hotels & Restaurants            
EVITAS DEVELOPMENT CO LTD 206, ST JAMES CURT, ST DENIS STREET, PORT LOUIS   2588988 Cook Chinese Cuisine   3 yrs 1 30-Apr-2016
JAMALAC RESTAURANT LIGNE BERTHAUD VACOAS  4940226 Cook Indian Cuisine   3 yrs 1 29-Apr-2016
Sector: Other Business Activities  
MOOLLAN & MOOLLAN 4TH & 5TH FLOOR, SHEHNAZ TOWER 30, LOUIS PASTEUR ST PORT LOUIS 2161100 Accounts Clerk SC/HSC with Accounting   2 15-Apr-2016
Sector: Health Services              
NOUVELLE CLINIQUE DU BON PASTEUR LTEE 7 MGR MAMET ST R HILL  4019500 Midwife/Nurse Midwife Qualified   5 10-Apr-2016
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