Vacancies 28 & 29 April 2016

Date Published : 29-04-2016


List of Vacancies recorded in LMIS  Recorded date from: : '28-APR-2016' date to : '29-APR-2016' 
Employer Name Employer Address Contact Phone No Occupation Qualification Experience No Required  Expiry Date
ESPACE BONHEUR LTD AVENUE DES CARPES ALBION  2384221 Machine Operator, Bakery Products   exp 5 30-Jun-2016
KIDDIKIDS CLUB LTD( CUREPIPE) 10-B, ST CLEMENT ROAD, CUREPIPE   4991979 Nursery Attendant SC exp 2 31-May-2016
MANSER SAXON CONTRACTING LTD IBL COMPLEX ZONE 4, RICHE-TERRE  2492902 Site Engineer Degree in Construction Management 5 yrs 1 12-May-2016
NATIONAL WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR COUNCIL C/O National Women Development Centre, Royal Road, Phoenix Secretary Degree in Administration/Management 4 yrs 1 17-May-2016
NORTHFIELDS INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL LABOURDONNAIS VILLAGE MAPOU  2669448 Education Officer, General; Educator Degree and Teching Qualification 3 yrs 5 11-May-2016
ROYAL TENT SERVICES LTD MARIE JEANNIE ROSE BELLE  52526847 Building Electrician     2 30-May-2016
      Cook Indian Cuisine     5 30-May-2016
      Lorry Driver, Heavy     3 30-May-2016
      Plumber     1 30-May-2016
      Tent Decorator     10 30-May-2016
SUNMAN (MAURITIUS) LIMITED RAHIMBUX LANE, CAMP DE MASQUE PAVE  4160113 Machine Operator, Vegetable and Fruit Canning   exp 4 02-May-2016