Vacancies 17 May 2016

Date Published : 17-05-2016


List of Vacancies recorded in LMIS  Recorded date  : '17-MAY-2016' 
Employer Name Employer Address Contact Phone No Job Title Qualification Experience No Required  Expiry Date
ASMAK CO LTD ANSE COURTOIS LANE NO.2 GUIBIES PAILLES 2864300 Driver - Messenger 3   3 30-Jun-2016
LE COCON SQUARE DE MOKA TELFAIR, MOKA  4321053 Care Giver     2 21-May-2016 Preprimary Teacher     2 21-May-2016
PALMAR LTEE (R/REMPART) C/O TEE SUN LTD, MON LOISIR, RIVIERE DU REMPART   4017037 Merchandiser, Clerk SC   5 30-Jun-2016
      Pattern Maker, Garment   exp 5 30-Jun-2016
TORNADO LTD IBL Complex Zone 4 , Riche TerRE   2069271        Manager, Workshop Operations   5 yrs 1 31-May-2016
Tertiary Education Commission Reduit   4678810 Financial Controller Reg with The Mauritius Institute of Prof Accountants (MIPA) 5 yrs 1 30-May-2016
      Deputy Executive Director PHD   1 30-Jun-2016
VIRTUAL DESIGN CO LTD ROYAL RD Q MILITAIRE  4480395 Presser, Hand Form III   1 10-Jun-2016
WINNERS-TERRE ROUGE ROYAL ROAD TERRE ROUGE  2492770 Shelves Worker Form III   2 20-May-2016