Vacancies 16 May 2016

Date Published : 16-05-2016



List of Vacancies recorded in LMIS  Recorded date : '16-MAY-2016' 
Employer Name Employer Address Contact Phone No & Email ID Occupation Qualification Experience No Required  Expiry Date
BRINKS Mauritius zone Industrielle de Solitude   2041237 Manned Security Segment Manager HSC/BAC 3 yrs 1 31-May-2016
      Senior Electronics Engineer Degree in Electronics 5 yrs 1 31-May-2016 IT Developer Knowledge of VB.NET, SQL, C# 2 yrs 1 31-May-2016
EXOTIC GARMENTS STE ANNE STREET STANLEY R.HILL 4671132 Assembler, Textile Machinery   3 yrs 3 31-May-2016
      Cleaner   3 yrs 2 31-May-2016
      Car Washer and Cleaner   3 yrs 1 31-May-2016
      Helper   3 yrs 10 31-May-2016 Machine Operator, Sewing   3 yrs 20 31-May-2016
      Sample Coordinator   3 yrs 1 31-May-2016
      Quality Controller, Textiles   3 yrs 4 31-May-2016
       Screen Printing Machine Operator   3 yrs 10 31-May-2016
      Supervisor, Sewing Machine Operations   3 yrs 3 31-May-2016
LINDENWEAR LTD ROYAL ROAD, RIV DU REMPART   4124272 Garment Cutter   1 yr 2 30-Jun-2016
      Helper   1 yr 5 30-Jun-2016
      Machine Operator, Sewing   1 yr 5 30-Jun-2016
      Packer, Hand   1 yr 5 30-Jun-2016
      Quality Controller, Garment   1 yr 5 30-Jun-2016
MAGASIN DOMAH - ROSE BELLE ROYAL ROAD ROSE BELLE  6271028 Helper     2 31-May-2016
MAGASIN ELYSEE MODE ROYAL RD MAHEBOURG   6314330 Driver, Private Car Driving licence   2 31-May-2016
      Driver, Van, Light and Local Transport Driving licence   2 31-May-2016
      Vehicle Driver, General Driving licence   2 31-May-2016
MINISTRY OF FINANCE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PORT LOUIS   2138397 Computer Support Technician     na 25-May-2016
      Engineer, Civil Reg Prof Engineer 10 yrs na 25-May-2016
      Engineer, Electrical and Electronics Reg Prof Engineer 10 yrs na 25-May-2016
      IT Engineering.Systems Administration degree in IT or Computer Science 10 yrs na 25-May-2016
      IT Technician degree in IT or Computer Science 5 yrs na 25-May-2016
REAL GARMENTS LTD LOT 11/12, SLDC INDUSTRIAL PARK LA TOUR KOENIG POINTE AUX SABLES 2332634 Administrative Coordinator degree 2 yrs 1 31-May-2016
      Cleaner     1 31-May-2016
      Driver, Bus Driving licence   1 31-May-2016
      Merchandising Officer   2 yrs 1 31-May-2016
      Purchasing Clerk HSC/BAC 2 yrs 1 31-May-2016
      Watchman     2 31-May-2016
      Transport Officer HSC/BAC 2 yrs 1 31-May-2016
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