Vacancies 20 May 2016

Date Published : 20-05-2016


List of Vacancies recorded in LMIS  Recorded date  : '20-MAY-2016' 
Employer Name Employer Address Contact Phone No Occupation Qualification Experience No Required  Expiry Date
AVANT MAURITIUS LTD SEENEEVASSEN AVE LA SOURCE QUATRE BORNES 4275490 Maintenance Worker, Industrial Machinery   exp 1 30-Jun-2016
      Security Guard Form III   2 30-Jun-2016
GALERIES FOKEERBUX Royal Road, Riv Du Rempart   4127566 Fork-Lift Truck Operator Driving Licence   2 30-Jul-2016
      Helper, Store Form III   20 30-Jul-2016
      Lorry Driver, Heavy Driving Licence   4 30-Jul-2016
OCEANTEX  LTD BISSESSUR LANE PETITE RIVIERE  2337035 Machine Operator, Sewing   exp 100 31-Aug-2016
PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION 7, LOUIS PASTEUR STREET, FOREST- SIDE  6709705 Transcriber SC, Cert in English Shorthand 120 wpm, typewriting 60wpm   na 31-May-2016
TOP BUILDER CO LTD PETIT RAFFRAY   2833093 Administrative Secretary   exp 1 27-May-2016
UNIVERSITY OF MAURITIUS REDUIT   4541041 Consultant in Internal Auditing Member of financial bodies 10 yrs 1 02-Jun-2016 Full Time Academic post master's degree 5 yrs na 02-Jun-2016
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