Vacancies 27 December 2016

Date Published : 27-12-2016


List of Vacancies recorded in LMIS  Recorded date  : '27-DEC-2016' 
Employer Name Employer Address Contact Phone No Occupation Qualifications Experience  No Required  Expiry Date
DENIM DE L'ILE LIMITED ROYAL ROAD,L'ILE D'AMBRE, RIVIERE DU REMPART  4125190 Head of housekeeping Degree in Hospitality Management 1 Year 1 15-Jan-2017
SWAN GENERAL LTD SWAN CENTRE, 10, INTENDANCE STREET, PORT LOUIS 2073500 Underwriter Diploma in Insurance / Degree in Finance 5 Years 1 02-Jan-2017
VITECH ELECTRONICS 25, AVENUE DES CAPUCINES, QUATRE BORNES  4658182 Technicians SC + Certificates in Electronics and Electrical Studies 1 Year 3 20-Jan-2017
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