Vacancies 26 January 2017

Date Published : 26-01-2017

List of Vacancies recorded in LMIS  Recorded date  : '26-JANV.-2017' 
Employer Name Employer Address Contact Phone No Occupation Qualification  Experience  No Required  Expiry Date
ABC GROUP MILITARY ROAD, PORT LOUIS   4051307 Accountants - ABC Financial Services Cluster  ACCA/CIMA/CA or equivalent  5 Years  3 6-Feb-17
      Operations Manager, ABC BPO Ltd  Degree/Masters in Business Management  8-10 Years  1 6-Feb-17
CENTRAL WATER AUTHORITY ST PAUL PHOENIX  6015000 Director Procurement & Supply  ( on Contract) Check website for more info :  5 Years  1 13-Feb-17
      Director Commercial Services ( on Contract) Check website for more info :  5 Years  1 13-Feb-17
FI LUXURY RETAIL LTD EGEM COUIRT, GREWALS LANE, PAILLES  2865981 Accounts Officer  ACCA Level 1   1 6-Feb-17
      Merchandiser  SC 1-2 Years 1 6-Feb-17
FM CONSTRUCTION LTD ESTATE ROAD GOODLANDS  2832431 Bricklayer, Construction NTC  1-2 Years 40 25-Feb-17
      Building Electrician NTC  1-2 Years 40 25-Feb-17
      Gas and Electric Welder, General NTC  1-2 Years 40 25-Feb-17
      Construction Carpenter NTC  1-2 Years 40 25-Feb-17
GLOBAL SUPPORT LTD SUITE B7, 2ND FLOOR CYBER CITY 1 EBENE CYBER CITY 4677125 Computer Support Officer Degree in Computer Sciences    10 30-Mar-17
LES COLOPHANES QUEEN MARY AVENUE FLOREAL  4980363 Handyman/Handywoman Form 3   1 28-Feb-17
MAUREXCAV LTD MORC ANTELME FOREST SIDE  4295015 Watchman Form 3   1 27-Feb-17
PALMAR LIMITEE ( FLACQ ) VIRGINIE INDUSTRIAL ESTATE CENTRAL FLACQ  4017000 Quality Controller, Textiles Form 4   5 26-Feb-17
PPP PIPING SYSTEMS LTD P.O BOX 98 PLAINE LAUZUN  2125075 Quality Inspector, Products SC 6 Months  2 28-Feb-17
PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION 7, LOUIS PASTEUR STREET, FOREST- SIDE  6709705 Fishing Boat Inspector (Engineering) Check website for more info :    1 14-Feb-17
SANDISHADEV LA SOURDINE L'ESCALIER   5722253 Mason, General NTC    30 31-Jan-17
      Building Construction Labourer NTC    30 31-Jan-17
SKCF HAIR PRODUCT LTD RUE LAPASSE MAHEBOURG  7510115 Beautician NTC  6 months  3 3-Feb-17
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